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Can I go into Planet Fitness without a membership at age 13?

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Can I go into Planet Fitness without a membership at age 13?

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Many questions about fitness and exercise are frequently asked, especially by young people trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Is it feasible for a 13-year-old to visit Planet Fitness without a membership? is a frequently asked question.

This in-depth guide will look in-depth at the rules and options available to teenagers looking to enter Planet Fitness facilities.Fitness Planet Waiver for Minors: What is It?

We’ll also look at some alternate approaches and offer helpful advice for young fitness fans.

Why choose Planet Fitness for your fitness journey?

Affordability: Planet Fitness is known for its unrelenting dedication to ensuring that fitness is affordable for people of all ages and income levels.

Affordability is crucial when it comes to 13-year-olds beginning their fitness adventure.

Young kids can achieve their fitness objectives at Fitness Planet without putting a strain on their parents’ finances according to the company’s cost-effective membership plan.

The younger generation has access to exercise because of this accessibility.

“Judgement-free zone”: Planet Fitness’ “judgment-free zone” policy is one of its distinguishing characteristics.

This policy fosters a friendly, non-threatening environment that serves people at all stages of their fitness journeys.

This policy offers 13-year-olds who might be nervous about exercising in front of others a fun and comfortable environment to do so.

This encourages a positive fitness experience and enables people to exercise without worrying about criticism.

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Wide Range of Workout Possibilities:

Planet Fitness provides a wide range of workout options, from cutting-edge cardio equipment to abundant strength training gear and fun group fitness sessions.

Because of their flexibility, 13-year-olds can experiment with several workout regimens and determine which one best suits their objectives and tastes.

Planet training offers a wide choice of training options, whether you want to run quickly on the treadmill, lift weights to increase your strength, or relax in a yoga session.

Choosing Fitness Planet as the beginning of a fitness journey ensures young people have the resources and support they need to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Planet Fitness offers affordability, a judgment-free environment, and a range of workout activities.

Knowledge of Planet Fitness Membership Rules

A welcoming and judgment-free environment is something that Planet Fitness takes great satisfaction in maintaining.

To maintain safety and guarantee a pleasurable experience for all of its members, however, it has set membership policies similar to those used by the majority of fitness facilities.

It is vital to carefully review these policies in order to answer the query of whether a 13-year-old is permitted entry to Fitness Planet without a membership.

Can a 12 year old go to Planet Fitness is another commonly asked question.

Age restrictions

In general, Planet Fitness requires that customers have parental or legal guardian agreement and be at least 13 years old in order to join.

This means that a 13-year-old is technically eligible to join Planet Fitness in accordance with the stated age restriction.

They must, however, be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who is also a member, and this is a crucial need.

Paternal approval

Teenagers under the age of 18 must acquire their parent’s or legal guardian’s permission before doing anything.

In reality, if a youngster under the age of 13 wants to join Planet Fitness, his or her parent or legal guardian must also enroll.

This arrangement involves the duty of supervising the young members’ workouts and ensuring that the gym’s policies are strictly followed.

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Black card membership

The “Black Card” is a more premium membership level offered by Planet Fitness.

The primary account holder of this VIP membership is allowed to bring a guest to the gym with him each time.

The necessity for a separate membership for the youngster is avoided if a parent or legal guardian has a Black Card membership and can easily bring their 13-year-old child as a guest.

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What options have Teen fitness enthusiasts?

Teenage fitness enthusiasts have access to Planet Fitness’ facilities, but there are other options for being active and in good health.

The Planet Fitness Day Pass grants access to a single day of exercise.

Consider the Planet Fitness Day Pass if you’re seeking for a temporary fitness solution without the commitment of a full membership.

This gives you a day’s worth of access to the gym’s resources, letting you use them for exercises and facility exploration without having to make a long-term commitment.

How to get a Planet Fitness Day Pass:

Getting a Planet Fitness Day Pass is simple.

1.Visit the Planet Fitness website to learn more:

Start by going to the Planet Fitness official website. You can find detailed information on day pass availability, cost, and any active special offers here.

2.Call the Planet Fitness facility that is closest to you:

Contact the Planet Fitness facility that is closest to you. Their committed staff can give detailed information on day pass options and costs specific to that destination.

3.Personal Inquiries:

Visit your neighborhood Fitness facility and ask the front desk about daytime appointments if you prefer a one-on-one approach.

The process will be aided by knowledgeable staff members, who will also help you buy a day pass.

4.Follow up on promotions:

Keep an eye out for any continuing specials or discounts. On occasion, Planet Fitness will offer discounted day passes, which could make your trip more affordable.

What a Planet Fitness Day Pass entitles you to?Planet

You can normally take use of the following benefits when you have a day pass:

  1. Access to all of the workout equipment in the gym, including the cardio and weightlifting machines.

  2. Possibility to take part in any regularly scheduled exercise classes that accept guests.

  3. Showers and locker rooms are easily accessible for your post-workout requirements.

  4. A chance to experience the warm, accepting “Judgment Free Zone” atmosphere that Planet Fitness is renowned for.

Important Point to Note:

A day pass’s availability and cost should be confirmed with your local gym because they may differ based on the location.

Day pass holders may be subject to restrictions at some Planet Fitness locations, thus it is advisable to ask about any such restrictions when making your purchase.

Explore membership options and ask about any recurring specials that might make a long-term commitment more alluring if you enjoy spending your days at Fitness Planet and intend to use the gym frequently.

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Local youth initiatives

Teenage-specific youth fitness programs and sports teams can be found in many local towns.

From basketball and soccer to swimming and martial arts, these programs frequently provide a variety of sports and activities.

Teens can keep active and meet new friends by participating in such a program.

Home exercise

There are a ton of online home fitness routines for teenagers who want to work out in the convenience of their own homes.

There are several possibilities, ranging from yoga and bodyweight exercises to dancing and aerobic routines. Teenagers may stay active with the help of these routines, which can also be enjoyable.

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Outdoor adventures

Teenagers can keep fit and benefit from physical activity by engaging in outdoor activities like biking, hiking, or playing sports in a nearby park.

The physical and mental health benefits of these exercises are excellent.


In conclusion, a 13-year-old child’s ability to visit Fitness Planet without a membership is reliant upon parental approval, the presence of a parent or guardian who is a member, or the availability of a Black Card membership.

Teenagers can keep an active and healthy lifestyle, though, by choosing from a variety of alternate possibilities.

For young fitness aficionados, exploring neighborhood youth programs, working out at home, or partaking in outdoor activities can all be beneficial possibilities.


Q1. Can a 13 year old use Planet Fitness without a membership?
A1. Yes, a 13 year old can enter Planet Fitness with a membership subject to specific conditions.

Q2. What are the age requirements for a 13 year old to use Planet Fitness features?
A2. Planet Fitness generally mandates that members be at least 13 years of age provided they have parental or legal guardian consent.

Q3. Do 13 year olds need parental consent to become a Planet Fitness member?
A3. Yes, obtaining the consent of a parent or legal guardian is generally a prerequisite for 13-year-olds wishing to become a Planet Fitness member.

Q4. Can a 13 year old child use Planet Fitness freely with a subscription?
A4. No, a child under 13 who is a member must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is also a member.

Q5. Are there special programs for 13-year-olds at some Planet Fitness locations?
A5. Some Planet Fitness branches offer special programs, such as the “Teen Summer Challenge”, designed for teens ages 15 to 18, allowing them to workout during the summer months.

Q6. What options are available if a 13-year-old child does not have parental consent but wants to use Planet Fitness?
A6. Without parental consent, a 13-year-old child generally cannot secure a membership to Planet Fitness.

Q7. Does Planet Fitness have a minimum age requirement for guests?
A7. Planet Fitness generally allows guests under the age of 13, provided they are accompanied by a member 18 years of age or older.

Q8. Are there any limitations on equipment use for 13-year-olds at Planet Fitness?
A8. Some Fitness Planet branches may ban specific equipment for younger users due to safety concerns.

Q9. Can a 13 year old visit Planet Fitness as a one-time guest without a membership?
A9. In fact, a 13-year-old child can use Fitness Planet as a one-time guest; However, this may incur a fee or require the presence of a member.

Q10. What are the options for 13-year-olds who cannot become Planet Fitness members?
A10. Alternative fitness options for 13-year-olds include using school fitness facilities, engaging in outdoor activities, enrolling in youth fitness programs, and participating in home workouts to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

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